Stem Cells Ecuador


In July 2004, Dr. Luis Geffner started the clinical research with stem cells in Ecuador after participating in the pioneer programs set by his ex partners Doctors Federico Benetti, Roberto Fernandez Vina, and Jorge Saslavsky in Argentina.

The first Ecuadorian procedure was performed in Andrade Marin Hospital, Quito, where Dr. Geffner was helped and supported by Argentinean worldwide known cardiac surgeon Dr. Federico Benetti and Ecuadorian cardiac surgeon Dr. Rafael Arcos along with anesthesiologist Dr. Mario Toscano to transplant autologous stem cells during off-pump coronary artery bypass grafting to a cardiac patient.

From that time onwards, our work focused at Luis Vernaza hospital from the Junta de Beneficencia de Guayaquil due to the foresight of its former Director Mr. Lautaro Aspiazu Wright and the Director of Vernaza hospital, cardiac surgeon Dr. Teodoro Maldonado who enthusiastically supported the projects of Dr. Geffner and his team

In February 2006, a study in Psoriasis treated with autologous stem cells was launched due to a suggestion of Mrs. Silvia Fernandez Barrio, Director of the Psoriasis Patients Argentine Association AEPSO and the collaboration of Ecuadorian dermatologists Dr. Enrique Uraga and Gilda Zurita.

In May 2006, we started our Spinal Cord Injury program including paraplegic and then quadriplegic patients due to the encouraging support of Dr. Angel Auad Herales.

In December 2006, we started to use autologous stem cells in Parkinson Disease under original protocol.

In May 2007, we performed our first stem cell transplant in ALS also under original protocol.

In 2008, we began programs in Diabetes, Liver Cirrhosis, Muscular Dystrophy, Lung Fibrosis and Poliomyelitis Sequel.

On February 2009, Dr. Geffner created and organized the Research & Regenerative Medicine Department of the University Hospital of Guayaquil SHDUG.

In 2010 we started to partner with similar groups from Argentina, Peru and recently El Salvador sharing our protocols. We highlight our partnership with Ihematec Group, leaders in Molecular Biology and Cell Processing in Peru.

New papers, programs and patients are constantly enlarging this list.